About the only thing surprising about rumors about the features of the iPod Touch 4 turning up this week is that they took this long to show up as opposed to ten seconds after Steve Jobs walked off stage at the iPhone 4 announcement.

One of the biggest points of speculation about the fourth version of the iPod Touch was that it would incorporate a forward facing camera based on the fact Steve Jobs referred to the iPhone 4 as the “first iOS device” to have Facetime installed on it.  The problem is that thus far the iPod Touch hasn’t had even a back camera, so a forward facing camera almost makes you believe that Apple will add both cameras at once and that seems a bit of a stretch, but could it happen?

applelogoThe rumors surfaced this week from a presentation from a sales presentation from U.K. retailer John Lewis as reported by Electricpig.  Supposedly the information at the presentation was gathered by speaking with parts suppliers, but there is of course questions on how reliable that at information is.  Their speculation includes:

  • A 5 MP camera on the back capable of shooting 720P HD video
  • Inclusion of the new gyroscope that was packed into the iPhone 4
  • Forward facing camera with Facetime capabilities

Everything seems to hinge on that one comment from Steve Jobs, and one has to admit that Mr. Jobs is known for making random comments or misspeaking, his words are always very carefully chosen.  Since there are currently only three devices that use iOS, and he used the plural form of “iOS device”, it has to be either the iPod Touch or the iPad.

Adding even more fuel to the Facetime fire, MacRumors has come across images that appear to be an iPod Touch faceplate with a hole for a forward facing camera.

To be quite honest, I almost feel like Apple has to do something huge with the iPod Touch this year.  The third generation of the device just didn’t bring enough changes from the second iteration, and Apple has got to step up the game this year.  Will the cameras do it?  Only time will tell.

What say you?  Do you think the iPod Touch will get major upgrades this year?