Earlier this month we saw the first alleged renders for Apple’s rumored 12-inch MacBook Air start to pop up, but now we may be getting a look at the real thing. A fresh batch of photos from Chinese blog iFanr claim to show the upcoming laptop’s front lid alongside current MacBooks and iPads for comparison.

The site also claims to confirm that the 12-inch MacBook offers a Retina-caliber display, though they can’t reveal the specific resolution. The new laptop is allegedly already in the throes of mass production and is set to launch in time for Chinese New Year on Feb. 19. Earlier reports also suggested the rumored MacBook would only offer a single Type-C USB port, though the incomplete unit leaked here doesn’t include the bottom half that could shed more light on those claims.

Interestingly, the rumored laptop appears to sport the metal Apple logo featured on iPads and iPhones, rather than the light-up logo included with current MacBooks.

We don’t know if these images are real, though if they are it looks like Apple could be pretty close to launching its 12-inch MacBook. Hopefully the company will make good on rumors for a release early this year, rather than make us wait until the fall for the first new products of 2015.