The screenshot above was, just a few hours ago, a rumor. A white Xbox One packed with Sunset Overdrive.

The rumor originally appeared as above, a barebones product page on a French game retailer’s website, taken down just a few hours after it went live.

Now, in a statement to Polygon, Microsoft has confirmed the rumor, acknowledging that the bundle is on the way. What they didn’t confirm yet, though, was the price or release date.

That French retailer, Micromania, had it set for 399 Euros, the same price as the standard Xbox One, suggesting that we might see it for $399 here as well.

There have been rumors as early as January of a white Xbox One variant bound for release. The Verge ran a story that suggested the future release of an Xbox One with a 1 terabyte hard drive and of this white Xbox One hitting in November. The first of those is still a rumor, but the confirmation of this one lends a bit of credence to it.

Here’s the white Xbox One received by some Microsoft employees around launch time, which likely isn’t too far off the one fans will see this Fall: