iPhone 5 case comparison

iPhone 5 cases are running all over China right now as our own Emily Post noted the other day.  What we’ve been missing, however, is any sort of comparison to an iPhone 4 case so we could get a visual idea of size differences.  9to5Mac finally got images of the two cases side-by-side, and some differences immediately leap out.  Do note that we still don’t have any confirmation that these cases are based on finalized specs, and things could change at any time.

The biggest difference is the new iPhone 5 case measures 5-inches tall by 2.8-inches wide. Seeing as this is a “tight” case, that has to be close to the actual size, and in comparison the iPhone measures 4.5-inches tall by 2.31-inches wide.  This fits in with the rumors of the next iteration of the Apple phone having a wider screen, which has been one of the most overwhelming rumors that we’ve been hearing time and time again.

iPhone 5 case compare - stacked

The second item of note is the case is not only distinctly thinner, but it also appears to start off thick at the top and thinner the further down you go, which also lines up with rumors we’ve heard about the iPhone 5.  This case also features the rocker volume switch cover we first saw last week on another case, suggesting the two separate buttons are going away.

Again, there is no firm information that these new cases are based off of the official specs, and there is every chance they are just a guess.  However, leaked cases have become of a bit of a tradition leading up to the release of Apple devices as they seem to be a dime-a-dozen in China.  Is this an iPhone 5 case?  Probably.  We should find out for sure some time this fall, whether it be Sept. or Oct.

What do you think about the potential iPhone redesign features?