Apple may or may not be preparing a 12-inch Macbook Air, which could ditch nearly all ports and be the thinnest laptop on the market. For the MacBook line, it could wind up being the biggest update we’ve ever seen, achieving an unfathomably small footprint without sacrificing the quality of Apple’s famous laptop line. By utilizing the new USB Type-C standard, Apple’s 12-inch model may only contain a headphone jack and single port for both power and data transfers.

Martin Hajek, who has visualized future Apple products in the past, has put together some terrific 3D renders of what the company’s laptop might look like. For good measure, Hajek even photoshopped the possible 12-inch Macbook into an Apple store, and they look pretty darn nice. Without all the messy ports, the laptop would be an enormous departure from what’s currently on the market. Hopefully that also means the laptop is cheaper since it doesn’t include so many components.

Take a peak through Hajek’s renderings (above) to see what the rumored MacBook might look like. 9to5Mac’s report earlier this week claimed the display might be more edge-to-edge, which the renders don’t really reflect. But the device looks awesome regardless, and we can’t wait to see if this thing actually exists.