Microsoft confirmed this week that its Media Center functionality won’t be present in Windows 10, but it sounds like there are plans to replace Media Center’s functionality, and the Xbox One will play a role in that.

The two big functions of Media Center were as a DVD player – which Microsoft’s Gabe Aul says will be addressed later this year – and as a DVR.

According to tech writer Paul Thurrott, Microsoft’s television recording solution will be the Xbox One. Right now, Xbox One owners can run their cable box through their Xbox One to use it as a TV passthrough. Microsoft has functionality on the way, currently in preview, to add over-the-air television to the console in the U.S. – something already available in parts of Europe and in Australia. Additionally, the ability to stream television to tablets and smartphones using Xbox One Smartglass and PCs running Windows 10 is currently in the works for a near future release.

Thurrott’s sources tell him that the Xbox One will likely be given TV recording capabilities later this year.

This would be a nice complement to the Xbox One’s suite of media capabilities and really go a long way toward making it the “All-in-One Entertainment System” that Microsoft likes to call the console in press releases. I’ll be buying the biggest hard drive on the market the day Microsoft unveils this feature, because if I miss Arrow or Flash, my day is just ruined.

This is currently an unconfirmed rumor, but the addition seems like an obvious one considering the current and future television features on the system.