Xbox 720 Controller with Wii U Like TouchscreenThe newest rumor for the next Xbox console from Microsoft adds a touchscreen to the center of the Xbox 360-style controllers. Xbox World reports, by way of CVG, that Xbox 720's gaming pad will feature an HD touchscreen in the center of Xbox 360 buttons.

Their source for this information is, well, it's not indicated. They do direct their information from Microsoft, but the magazine does not give any specific departments or names. That's the way these rumors work, of course.

The touchscreen will offer another form of control and a way to play games without a TV (much like the Wii U). The Xbox itself, according to the rumor, will also feature a better version of the Kinect hardware and "directional sound."

The report features another major point for speculation: the price of the next generation Xbox. Xbox World points towards the £399 mark for the new console. A straight £ to $ conversion puts that potential price tag at roughly $630 for the United States. That's a hefty price tag.

So, what do you think? Will Microsoft be joining the tablet-esque design Nintendo looks to bring to the market with the Wii U? Or, are these rumors nothing more than a load of malarkey meant to sell magazine subscriptions?

Once more comes concerning the next generation consoles from each hardware manufacturer, both in the form of announcements and speculation, we'll be all over it.

As a point of note: we call it the Xbox 720 for lack of a better name. It's silly, but people know what we mean when we say it. If Microsoft actually brands the console the "Xbox 720," they may need to reconsider their marketing strategies.

[via CVG]