Update (8:51am EST): Nintendo of Canada has revealed that the Wii Mini is a Canadian exclusive for this holiday season. Launching on December 7th, the Wii Mini will cost Canadians $99.99, and will come with RCA cables, a sensor bar, the updated console, a red Wii Remote and a red Nunchuck.

The system does not include any games.

Nintendo did not announce the availability of this console outside of Canada.

Original story:

It’s time to add one more concrete piece of evidence to the mounting suspicion that consumers will see a Wii Mini this holiday season.

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor that indicated the Wii Mini was coming to an anonymous major retailer. Today, we have an actual screenshot from Best Buy of Canada’s website. It may have been taken down by the time you read this article, but the ad was actually on the main page of the site. Though, clicking the link to pre-order the Wii Mini redirects users to another part of the site entirely.

We’re still calling it a rumor simply because a solid announcement hasn’t come from Nintendo just yet. Once that happens (if that happens), we’ll cover it straight away. However, the presence of assets and a release date on the site of a reputable store like Best Buy is just about the strongest evidence we’ll likely see.

As Nintendo just launched the Wii U, it makes sense that they’d want to freshen up the Wii with a new, smaller model in order to attract any potential customers to the system. Sony did the same with their PSOne and PS2 units, and they enjoyed tremendously long success with both systems.

If priced appropriately, the Wii Mini might pick up quite a few buyers.

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