HP is holding a webOS-centric event on Feb. 9th (which we’ll be at) where it is expected the company will unveil a slew of new webOS products.  A move that has been a long time coming since HP bought Palm last year, so it’s going to be to nice to finally see what the company plans to do with its recent purchase.

Engadget has gotten a hold of a couple of computer renderings pictured to the right (click for larger view) that appear to be the 9-inch “Topaz” tablet running webOS.  Also rumored to be coming is the 7-inch “Opal” which will have a heavy emphasis on e-reading.

From looking at the rendering, it appears that the Topaz has no buttons, a micro USB connector, front facing camera and a three speaker design.  Beyond that, we can’t tell what modifications have been made to webOS since we can only see the one screen, but it is sure to be getting some upgrades also.

While we aren’t sure how many different versions of the Topaz there will be, a picture taken of a marketing slide appears to indicate that the Opal is going to come in a slew of different flavors.

Although the announcement event is on Feb. 9th, it looks like we’re going to have a long wait to get our hands on these devices.  The Topaz is expected to start showing up at HP’s office in June, and that looks to mean a July on-shelf date.  The smaller Opal will follow up in the fall, just in time for the 2011 holiday shopping season.

While all of these products will carry the HP labeling, it’s nice to see that webOS is getting another go at life, and the first images of the Topaz, while a bit iPad-like, certainly show some promise.

What say you?  Are you excited for webOS tablets?

[via Engadget]