There was never any doubt the Nokia Lumia 900 wouldn’t impress when it was unveiled at CES 2012. It’s got an industry-leading build quality, gorgeous screen and a growing OS in Windows Phone. We weren’t the only ones who loved the Lumia 900, either. The Herd voted the device as their favorite of this year’s CES, with a whopping 18.6% of the vote. The tally is unsurprising, too, especially after the home run the Finnish-based company hit with last year’s Lumia 800 model. Unfortunately, the 900 has been pegged as an AT&T exclusive. However, that may not be true for long according to a tip sent to Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite.

It seems AT&T customers will only get exclusive access to the Lumia 900 for 45 days after the device launches during its reported March window. Even better, other carriers may see a slightly upgraded version, with a 12 megapixel camera in tow over its current 8 megapixel offering. The tipster claims other carriers will get a crack at Nokia’s U.S.-bound Windows Phone once the exclusive deal expires, saying T-Mobile may launch one as early as Q2 2012, with Verizon and Sprint iterations coming, too.

Thurrott notes that the validity of said rumor is questionable, as the tip came from an unnamed carrier source. Still, if Nokia wants to take a big enough bite out of the growing smartphone market, offering the Lumia 900 on more than one carrier isn’t such a crazy idea. In five, six months from now, though, assuming the 900 does arrive on other carriers, will the device have what it takes to compete with the competition?

If you had your pick, what carrier would you use the Lumia 900 on?