On this week's episode of Rumor Roundup, Mark talks about several new possibilities in the Android world. While Samsung, HTC and LG all come out with their new wares, it appears Motorola also has plans for something new. The company seems to be testing three different devices, and they all sport QHD screens. There's a chance only one of them will be released, but obviously some activity is happening behind the scenes.

It also looks like Motorola is very close to introducing a Moto 360 successor. Following several rumors about the wearable's impending arrival, the device may have passed through Bluetooth certification, just in time for Google I/O. That's just speculation, but it would be the perfect place for a glorious introduction.

Finally, Samsung may be prepping a more rugged version of the Galaxy S6, known as the Galaxy S6 Active. Releasing more durable versions of the same phone is nothing new for Samsung, but this one is of particular note considering how drastically the Korean company changed the S6's design.

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