Just a day after Bethesda announced that they would be delaying Prey 2 because of its slow development progress, a rumor has surfaced claiming that Human Head Studios had not actually worked on the development of the title since November.

A source tells Shacknews that Human Head Studios was dissatisfied with the contract between themselves and ZeniMax, Bethesda’s parent company. As a result, the folks at Human Head stopped all development in hopes for a new contract negotiation. This labor strike lead many members of the development team to be laid off hoping that they would return to work soon after the contract was renegotiated.

Things seemed to be going well until January; ZeniMax brought negotiations to a complete halt, no longer releasing any information. After that, things had picked back up again until March 2nd when Shacknews’ source could no longer provide any details on the matter.

When Shacknews contacted ZeniMax, they were told that no details were going to be released other than the presser sent out yesterday morning announcing the game’s delay.

This rumor certainly fits with press release sent out by Bethesda. The labor strike of Human Head Studios would be a more than adequate reason for Bethesda to feel like Prey 2‘s development progress was disappointing. In fact it would even be a bit of an understatement on their behalf. Nothing slows down the progress of development more than the development team… not developing.

If this rumor holds any truth, one of the biggest questions to be asked has to be: will Human Head continue developing Prey 2 or will ZeniMax make an attempt to find another developer? The fact that the game has only been delayed and not canceled leads us to believe that maybe there are some more positive facts out there that remain unseen. We can only be hopeful for the sake of Prey 2 that this is the case.

[Via: Shacknews]