I'm not even entirely sure what to make of the newest batch of rumors surrounding Microsoft's supposedly incoming Xbox follow-up. We ran one this morning regarding the console's potential power.

This newest grouping comes from Kotaku.

First, and this is one bit of the rumor that I find plausible, Kotaku has it from "game industry sources" that the next Xbox will feature Blu-ray support. The format is currently used in Sony's PlayStation 3 and sports storage capacities much larger than that found on standard DVDs.

Before you jump up and say that Microsoft wouldn't use Sony-owned tech, recognize that the notion that Sony owns the Blu-ray format is a bit of a misconception. Sony was one of the nine original companies that founded the format and helped bring it to fruition. They currently sit on the board of directors for the format, along with companies like Apple, Pioneer, Intel, LG, Sharp and Dell. But they don't exclusively own Blu-ray.

The next bit of Kotaku's reporting is mind-blowing. As the headline indicates, sources have revealed to Kotaku that the next Xbox will feature anti-used game measures. They don't give specifics, but the site hypothesizes that the console will deal a blow to the used game market by rendering pre-owned titles unplayable for new consumers. How? We don't know.

Personally, I buy the first part of the rumor and find the second downright frustrating. Microsoft would probably please publishers with an anti-used game measure, but consumers would be extremely upset at the idea. Forget buying pre-owned games at GameStop for a second; what about borrowing titles from friends? Could a company really render that impossible?

With digital distribution? Yes. They could. But physical media should not be restricted to one customer. Once a game is purchased, ownership and playability should stay with the software, not the original buyer.

Are you as flabbergasted as me by this one?

[via Kotaku]