Oh, hi there. Me? Yeah, I'm just sitting here sifting through the morning's news while sipping on a cup 'o joe. Huh? Whaddya know, there's another next-gen Xbox rumor here for us to enjoy.

Another day, yet another new console rumor. This time, IGN has it from sources close to the project that the Xbox 720 (or Xbox Next; whatever they wind up calling the thing) will be six times as powerful as the Xbox 360. Why six times?

The next-gen graphics processing unit (GPU) will, supposedly, be derived from the AMD 6000 series. It will sport 1080p, DirectX 11, 3D and multi-display capabilities. Not only will the new Xbox be six times stronger than the Xbox 360, it will be 20% stronger than Nintendo's upcoming Wii U.

According to IGN's sources, production for this new GPU will begin at the close of 2012. The next-gen Xbox will go on sale between October and November of 2013.

And here comes the part of these articles that we should all be exceptionally familiar with by now. This is a rumor. Don't color it confirmed until you hear as much directly from the company in question.

I'd also like to direct attention to two points, and this is also familiar territory for these console rumor posts … Microsoft is aiming for a 10 year life-cycle with the Xbox 360, that would put the next-gen console out in 2015.

More importantly, the Xbox 360 is still selling extremely well. Last year's week surrounding Black Friday was the Xbox 360's best sales week ever. The Kinect breathed enough life into the Xbox 360's sales to keep the company from needing a new console for a while. It's selling well, why make it obsolete?

What do you think of these rumors? Does six times as capable as the Xbox 360 sound like good stuff to you?

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