According to a report from EDGE, the next entry in the Xbox brand will be announced at CES in January and, as the publication asserts, will be on sale at retail before the end of 2012.

EDGE's anonymous source indicates the Ubisoft is working with a devkit version of Microsoft's upcoming follow-up to the Xbox 360. Supposedly, delivery of the kits to more studios is supposed to happen before the Christmas holiday of this year. While their source would not give any specifics regarding the future console's hardware or capabilities, EDGE is reporting that AMD will handle the GPU within the device.

We often take a moment to remind folks of one fact before closing up one of these new console rumor posts… Both Microsoft and Sony have said on several occasions that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are systems built with 10 year life-cycles in mind. The Xbox 360 launched in 2005. If the next version launches in 2012, the 360 will be short of its 10 year goal as the lead system by a long shot.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily rule out these types of rumors. It just provides perspective on the matter of sussing them out.

We've reported on a similar rumor before that claimed the Xbox Next would be due in 2012. We've even run a story from Develop that claims the Xbox 720 (or whatever they're calling it) will come in 2013. The point? There is a lot of speculation out there right now. Not all of these rumors can be legitimate.

Do you think we should expect the next Xbox to be announced at CES in January? Would you peg the system for a 2012 launch year? Or is this all a lot of crazy talk that needs to go away sooner rather than later?

We'll have more on the next from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo as it comes.

[via EDGE]