E3 LogoMCV is reporting that Microsoft and Sony both plan to bring the PlayStation 4 (we assume they're calling it that) and the Xbox 720 (we hope they avoid calling it that) to the E3 expo in June of 2012.

We must say that MCV doesn't make too much effort to link these two assumptions to any type of source from either company involved in their assertion. They simply state that both new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be in attendance at E3 2012 as a way to steal some of Nintendo's Wii U thunder. They've supposedly learned that fact from third party companies.

With that in mind, consider this rumor's foundation a little shaky. Read it, put it in the back of your minds and be prepared to move on.

It's possible that Microsoft and Sony could both bring consoles to this year's E3 as a way to quiet the ruckus Nintendo causes with the Wii U. However, doing so would also give consumers reasons to hesitate when it comes to buying an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3. If Sony and Microsoft show off new hardware at this show that they don't plan to release for a good while, consumers will likely second guess their decisions to board the PS3 and 360 trains any time soon. For two machines that are selling very well right now, that doesn't make much sense.

Sony and Microsoft have both said within the last several months that they don't feel a new console is necessary at this time. In fact, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida spoke with Eurogamer about this exact point in August of 2011.

As far as we are concerned, we have no desire now to [launch a new home console]. Looking at the platform cycle, when the platform becomes something game developers are not able to improve their creations with, that's the time we have to really seriously consider shifting to the next generation. Gamers always need something new and more exciting. If they're seeing just similar types of games coming year after year, they will quickly lose their interest.

Looking like that, when you see games coming out on PS3, both the traditional type of games as well as new kind of games using PS Move, there is a lot more we can do from the game development standpoint. So as long as we and our developers can create new experiences that are more exciting to consumers, I see no need to transition into newer generation.

As more rumors come, we'll be sure to post them for your consideration.

[via MCV]