Be ready to dismiss this one as quickly as you read it, but one French site is reporting that Nintendo is set to drastically redesign their currently under-performing Nintendo 3DS some time next year. However, that under-performance may actually pick up in the wake of the recent price drop and the upcoming onslaught of quality first-party Nintendo games.

The news comes from 01net, as translated by a thread on NeoGAF. 01net has a mixed history of both accurate and inaccurate rumors and reports. In the win column, 01net had the leaked information for the Project Cafe. In the loss column, however, 01net reported that the PS Vita's Wi-Fi only model would have half the memory of the 3G version. That last one was cleared up by Sony last week.

The rumored 3DS revision could possibly include rebranding for the device, a second circle pad and far less emphasis on 3D. Current 3DS owners, according to this site's source, will be able to buy an add-on for their handhelds that clips to the right side of the device and provides the extra circle pad for games that need it. That piece of seemingly awkward tech is said to cost right around $10.

This revision is rumored to be coming in 2012. The price drop is explained as a way to clear stock and make room for the next model. We still think, however, that the price drop is a way for Nintendo to keep their 3DS from nose-planting on its way out the door.

While it's pretty easy, as far as this writer is concerned, to dismiss this rumor right out of the gate, it does provide some perspective on the current mindset of the industry and consumer base. Nintendo, put plainly, messed up with their launch of the Nintendo 3DS. Now, whether it was a fault born out of bad tech or poor software (it's the software, I'm convinced) will never be confirmed; but, when a rumor springs up suggesting that a quick revision is in order, that typically means that some gamers out their would actually want to see this.

Where would you stand if Nintendo revised their portable? For me, as always, it's about the games.

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