One brand new rumor has it that gamers and Microsoft platform users will soon be able to skip the process of buying Points before buying virtual goods.

According to Inside Mobile Apps and, apparently, a few unidentified developers, Microsoft is set to eliminate the Microsoft Points system before the finish of 2012. The company will introduce a system similar to what its competitors already have in place where users can buy virtual goods priced in real, locally relative currency.

Lending credence to this rumor, as Inside Mobile Apps indicates, is that Microsoft has been introducing real currency transactions into each of its marketplaces over the last few years. In the world of gaming, for instance, buying full games is done with real currency, not the Points system.

Were this to be genuine news, consumers would certainly be pleased. A major complaint when it comes to using the Microsoft Points system for purchases is that consumers can’t buy specific amounts of points for each transaction. You’ll typically be forced to spend more than you need to in order to buy something. DLC on the Xbox 360 may cost 160 Points, but the smallest amount you can purchase is 400.

Microsoft refused to comment on this rumor. While I’d love to believe it, I find it hard to consider that Microsoft would be working to get rid of a system that’s certainly made them a heap of cash. If they were working for consumers, then I could see this happening. However, as I just mentioned, this current system is making them good money.

Of course we’d all be extremely pleased if this came to fruition, but please remember that it’s nothing more than a rumor at this point. If anything changes or Microsoft elects to release a statement to the press, we’ll be all over it.

[via Inside Mobile Apps]