Rumors have been circulating for some time now that Apple and News Corp have been in talks to start a new daily newspaper called the Daily that will be exclusive to the iPad tablet.

When the rumors first popped up back in Nov. of last year, it was said that the two companies were working closely together to make sure that this new publication would take full advantage of the capabilities of the popular Apple tablet computer.  For New Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch’s part, he was putting together the staff by drawing from his other publications as well as hiring new staff members from other online news outlets.  While Apple CEO Steve Jobs is providing some of his own iPad engineers to make sure everything works correctly when it launches.

The Cutline is reporting that the publication is finally ready for launch and that the two CEOs will join one another on stage in San Fransisco on Jan. 19th to officially announce the project.

While the date may be subject to change, it does appear that the project is finally ready for a roll out.  As we last heard, the newspaper will cost $.99 a week, and that is about all we know about the specific details.  We assume it will come out seven days a week, but even that isn’t known at this point.

If this announcement is true, it will be a busy month for Apple.  With the Verizon iPhone launch this morning, and rumors of the iPad 2 announcement being set for Feb. 1st, this would be the second of two big announcements for the company in the span of a month.  Not the usual modus operandi for Apple, but why not go for it?

What say you?  Will you give the Daily a try when/if it launches?

[via The Cutline]