The Christmas holiday is almost upon us, but Santa has come a few days early to bring us a bag full of new iPad 2 rumors.  Apparently he didn’t know about that one thing I did back in June, otherwise I would have just gotten a lump of coal … again.

We’ve already had a good dose of iPad 2 rumors this month when those supposed case pictures leaked out, but now Japanese Apple news site MacOtakara has come up with some that will make you happy, and one that will definitely sadden a few.

apple logoFirst up is the news the iPad is going on a diet and will shrink from 242.8 mm by 189.7 mm down to 239mm by 186mm. Yes, that will make a world of difference … I think.  Apparently it will all come from the bevel that so many people complained about.

Also, taking a cue from the iPod Touch, supposedly the curved back will disappear and be replaced by a flatter back panel.  This makes sense, but will be interesting to see if it would cause any new heat issues.

The large opening in the bottom of the cases we saw earlier this month, which many thought might be an SD memory card slot, is actually for a larger, mesh covered speaker.  We thought the SD slot was a bit of a stretch, but that seemed to be the dominant rumor.

Sadly, this “anonymous Chinese source” for all the rumors says there will be no cameras on the device, and that’s where we call shenanigans on the rumors.  The front facing camera has been rumored everywhere under the sun, and there have even been some dimly lit photos of a prototype.  Does that cinch the FaceTime-capable camera?  No, but it sure makes sense it will be there.

At this point everything is just rumor, but it sure is fun to speculate.

What say you?  Do any of these new rumors ring true with you?