While Hulu Plus is still in “invitation only” mode, those that have gotten access to the service have been wishing it would find some way to get on your TV without a whole lot of hassle. According to a new rumor, that is all about to change, and the question iwll no longer be, “How do I get this on TV?”, but instead it will be, “Why am I still paying for cable?”

According to BusinessOfVideo.com, a screenshot was sent to them last week of a menu for the Roku box including the logo for Hulu. While no one was quite sure if it was real, the blog is now saying they have been able to confirm that Hulu Plus will indeed be streaming to the set top box in the near future.

Hulu Plus and RokuBoth Roku and Hulu are currently offering the customary “no comment” response to questions, which pretty much acts as, “Oh darn it, we got caught!”

This makes the Roku an even more interesting device than it was before when its main attraction was the fact that it streams Netflix Watch Instantly.  It also has access things to like Pandora, Blip.TV the entire TWiT network and more.

With both Hulu Plus and Netflix seemingly about to share one handy device, you really do have to wonder why you need cable.  Yes, you would be missing shows from channels like HBO, but just use the DVD portion of your Netflix subscription to rent those as needed.

If this proves to be true, the television landscape may be getting a shake up sooner than anyone really predicted.

What say you?  Are you excited for this news?