Half Life 3

How many years has it been since Valve released the Orange Box and Half-Life 2: Episode 2? It's been at least half a decade, and it will be at least an entire decade before Half-Life 2 finally gets a proper sequel.

Valve has been totally tight lipped on absolutely any information on Half-Life 3, but it seems we've finally gotten a hint as to what's taken so long. A French Journaldugamer report, citing an anonymous contact "close to Valve," states that Half-Life 3 has been built and scrapped several times now, each taking a different form. First it was a "pure shooter" and then a slightly more open world with gravitational puzzles.

It seems now that the final product will be a totally open world experience with NPCs and quests; a vast difference from the previous two games which focused more on tight narrative and linear progression. I'm all for open world shooters, but they have their place, and Half-Life is not one of them. Still, who am I to question Valve? It's not like they've ever made a bad game or anything.

The report also claims that the game will be released "after 2013," most likely meaning a 2014 release and possibly on next generation hardware. That makes a whole ten years since Half-Life 2 rocked all of our worlds. Hard to believe that is been so long since the game was so way ahead of its time upon arrival.

I'm calling rumor on this one, but we'll wait and see.

[via OXM]