Depending on who you talk to, Gran Turismo 5 is either being pressed at this very moment for a release any day now, or it isn’t going to make out in time for the holidays.

Very conflicting reports came out yesterday about the current state of the long-awaited racing game Gran Turismo 5. On the one hand, Amazon e-mailed some customers stating that the earliest availability date is Dec. 31st, 2010. Further confusion took hold as both GameStop and Target started listing dates of Jan. 1st, 2011. GameFly is holding out with a “TBD” meaning that no date has been determined as of yet.

Gran Turismo 5Luckily these dates look like they are probably just “placeholder” dates because first off they are holidays, and secondly they are a Friday and Saturday.  As most gaming people know, new releases almost always arrive on Tuesdays, so the idea of this game coming out on either of those days is pretty far fetched.

The good news is that speaking with Jalopnik, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi says that the discs are actually being pressed at this very moment.  If his is true it is merely a matter of getting them packaged and shipped out to get them on the shelves.  In theory we could see this in just a few weeks or maybe more than a month from now if this info is accurate.

Our suggestion?  Go ahead and tell grandma you want it for Christmas, but don’t be surprised if you just get a gift card for one under the tree.