Mac4Ever (in French), which has a bit of a mixed track record when it comes to Apple rumors, is reporting that Apple is working on adding FaceTime to the Mac iChat application, as well as possibly working on a version for Windows. While we admit the site has a mixed history, it has hit some out of the ballpark such as being one of the first to mention the iPad. In this particular case we have to go, “duh”.

FacetimeWhile in no way are we trying to steal their thunder from them, you have to figure out some point Apple is going to roll the video chatting tool out to every platform that it can.  The more people using it, the more likely they are to want to take it mobile with them, which means more iPhone and iPod Touch sales.

This is sort of like how the iPod started out as Mac only and then rolled out to PCs.  Jobs knew he would never sell enough if only the loyal Mac users could buy them, so he lets Windows users join in the fun and Apple sales across the board began to creep up.  He gets FaceTime on the PC, Windows users go, “Oh, I’d love to use this more often …” and he gets more sales.  Adding it to iChat is just a bonus.

I would imagine within the next six months or so we’ll see this roll out to both platforms.

What say you?  Is FaceTime coming to our computers also?