The first Epic Mickey, developed by Junction Point lead by Warren Spector, released for the Wii exclusively in 2010. The game was meant to be Disney’s triumphant return to making quality gaming titles, rather than, frankly, drivel designed only to earn revenue. Spector and his team designed the game with a darker feel, included now-unused characters, gave it a painting and thinning gameplay mechanic and pushed it out to a rather excited public.

Epic Mickey had its positives and negatives, but, among all of the complaints, the most consistent were the faulty camera system and the fact that the game was not available on an HD console.

Well, here comes the potential good news…

Disney may be working to rectify both issues as they intend to release Epic Mickey 2 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

That is, according to a supposedly leaked marketing report from the company. The tip was sent to Destructoid from an anonymous reader. In it were two screenshots: above you’ll see four potential pieces of boxart, below you’ll see a written description for the game.

Spector and Junction Point were always confident that they were doing great things with Epic Mickey, and, to a point, they were. The studio was refining a character that had not been visited in quite the same fashion ever before as they took Mickey down a dark and inspired path. It’s just that so much of the game was disrupted by mechanical flaws, like a shoddy camera and how that hindered the motion control portion of the experience.

If the studio can dive back into the Disney vault, pull out another great storyline, apply it to a brand new adventure that includes and HD console version, then most gamers would likely sit up and take notice. Fix the camera, make the game even deeper and folks will be in love.

While still a rumor, this one makes sense. The biggest snag, however, comes from the fact that the marketing materials suggest that this will release for the Wii instead of the Wii U. Nintendo‘s next console is supposedly due sometime in 2012; why wouldn’t Disney seek to release Epic Mickey 2 on the new machine?

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