Internet speed freaks, take note: Comcast may be launching a new residential broadband service that could blow your hair back. Word has it, the company is prepping a new 305 Mbps tier for later this year in order to compete directly with Verizon FiOS Quantum, the new super-fast 300 Mbps service that debuted last month. In fact, the rumored offering could be headed for areas where Verizon offers its service.

To put that in context, users with 305 Mbps would be able to download HD movies in just a minute or two. That would definitely be a major leap from Comcast's current 105 Mbps plan. Even so, the success of this offering may not depend on speed, but on two other unknown factors: Data caps and cost.

Comcast imposes a bandwidth ceiling on its other broadband customers, and it would be a big issue here, as speedier service would simply mean that users would hit their limits faster. Pricing info would also be crucial. Right now, Verizon charges a whopping $205 per month for FiOS Quantum. As it is, that's already out of reach for a lot of consumers. Comcast would practically ensure victory if it can beat that price point. At least it might help ease the negative press from its middling rankings in the U.S., and perhaps even give it a little more juice in global speed comparisons.

Do you subscribe to Comcast or Verizon FiOS? Tell us your thoughts about the service, and whether you would consider super-fast broadband from either of these providers.

(via Gizmodo)