This rumor comes from one tipster that’s fired off some scary news to Kotaku. The picture at the top of this story comes from Kotaku’s post, and it illustrates the problem in front of Canadian gamers. EB Games (a division of the GameStop company) is instructing its employees to mix used games with new games while removing pre-owned stickers and stacking used games on top of new ones.

Okay, so there may be a chunk of you out there right now wondering why, exactly, you should care about this. By mixing used games in with new games, hiding new games behind old ones and removing all signs of pre-owned price points, EB Games/GameStop stand to make an absolute ton of money off of confused consumers. Obviously, selling used games nets these retailers a large profit because they charge more than double what they payed to the person with the trade-in.

Moreover, as one tipster pointed out to Kotaku, people buying games with online passes stand to lose out on this deal in a big way. One gamer picks up a sports game that requires a code for $30, takes it home, pops it in and finds out they have to dish out an extra $10 to play online. They didn’t know this at the time of purchase because EB Games removed all pre-owned stickers from the packaging.

Given that this news comes from an employee, it’s impossible to color it 100% confirmed just yet. Kotaku has been updating the story as they get new tips, but their gathered information so far has clashed. One reader backs up the claims of the initial tipster while another reader says they are false.

Between the bad press coming out of the recent Deus Ex debacle and the store’s need to ask customers to pre-order 30 things at every transaction, GameStop hasn’t exactly been a favorite retailer amongst gamers.

Whatever the case, make sure you’re buying used or new on purpose. Losing money for no good reason is the pits.

[via Kotaku]