Like a full moon coming out once a month, you can almost set your watch to the release of a new rumor about Apple and Verizon teaming up on the iPhone. These rumors have come out repeatedly ever since the iPhone launched in June 2007, and while I have actually sworn off on writing this up any more, but even my jaded, cynical heart has to say this really does look more real than it ever has before.

apple verizonIn late June there were reports floating around that the iPhone coming to Verizon was a done deal, but even at that it just seemed like we have been down this road too many times to give it much credence.  However, now the stars seem to be aligning like they never have been before, and this seems like it may be an actual reality.

Today a new piece of information started floating around that made a few other news bits of info suddenly take on a lot more gravitas.  Could this really be happening at long last?  Lets take a look.

TechCrunch is reporting that Apple has placed a sizable order for Qualcomm CDMA chips, which happens to be the same band that Verizon uses.  This of course doesn’t mean anything in and of itself, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Second up is that Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg will be speaking on the first morning of the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in a keynote address following a talk by CEA President and CEO, Gary Shapiro on the state of the consumer electronics industry. In other words this is not a schedule position you take without something important to say. This would be like the opening band coming out after the headlining band at a concert if Verizon didn’t have something huge to announce.  You don’t just come out and go, “Hi, we’re Verizon … aren’t we swell?”

Third, and possibly the most telling, the story we ran earlier today about AT&T reporting in its 10-Q that it wouldn’t be that negatively impacted by losing iPhone exclusivity.  Why would AT&T choose now of all times to tell the world that this wouldn’t cause a problem for its future?  After three and a half years it suddenly decides now is the time to warn its shareholders of this possibility?

Finally, and I hate to admit this, but perhaps there was something to Apple mentioning back in July that it has a Verizon cell site on its campus.  I’m still not completely sold on this meaning anything, but it does seem a bit more important now.  It is still quite possible that this was an inadvertent hint that this was coming, although Apple isn’t known for accidentally revealing things in such a manner.

Is the iPhone finally coming to Verizon?  I think it looks more likely than it ever has before, but until I hear it come out of a Verizon employee’s mouth, I’m not putting much credence into it as I have just reported on it far too many times.

What say you?  Is this finally happening?