It is well known that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is obsessed with simplicity in design, and he has an aversion to buttons. He hates them, he thinks they are evil and bad.

So, is anyone surprised he may have decided one button was too many?

Mr. Jobs has touted the simplicity of iOS devices for ages, and especially that everything can be done with just one button, but a beta release of iOS 4.3 has shown a lot of new multi-touch gesture controls which has left people scratching their heads.

A source inside Apple told Boy Genius Report that buttonless versions of the iPad and iPhone are both being tested on the Apple campus.  This doesn’t mean they will ever be released, but it is a distinct possibility.  The unnamed source even suggested that it could possibly happen with this year’s releases, but that seems unlikely as this is the first we’ve heard of it, and the iPad 2 announcement is rumored for Feb. 1.  While Apple is secretive, we usually have a good idea of what we will see from a release a few months before hand, and there has been no mention of the iPad losing its home button before now.

While we doubt this is going to happen with this next announcement, we have no doubt that Mr. Jobs wants to get rid of that lone, annoying button, but if the public is ready for that to happen is another matter.

What say you?  You ready for buttonless iOS devices?

[via Boy Genius Report]