“Control freak” and “Steve Jobs” have been two things that have gone together for about as long as peanut butter & jelly have (at least in the United States, I know that sandwich concept disgusts some people in other parts of the world).  However a new rumor is circulating that indicates that Mr. Jobs has taken it to such extremes that he is driving away multi-million dollar ad campaigns from the new iAd mobile advertising platform.

Adidas logoAccording to Silicon Alley Insider, athletic apparel company Adidas has withdrawn a $10 million dollar ad campaign from the iAd network after its creative submissions were rejected for a third time.  This is reportedly the second company to do so with the first being fashion industry icon Chanel being the first.

Apparently a lot of the problem stems from Apple wanting stringent controls over the quality of the ads, even demanding that the company itself create higher quality advertisements to be placed in the network, something that has been heretofore unheard of in the mobile advertising industry.  Companies are also reportedly none too thrilled with the fact that Apple is not yet being very transparent about where their ads are appearing, a lack f support for third-party ad serving tools and a general sense that this is entirely Apple’s ball game.

Did none of these companies ever read one article written about Apple’s controlling ways?

Apple has built its reputation on being controlling of just about everything related to its brand.  We certainly don’t defend Apple on this aspect – we would love to see Apple be a lot more open with its devices and technology – but that fact this surprises companies, well, it surprises us.

The only thing with this particular situation is that if Mr. Jobs really does want to see iAd succeed, he may finally have to realize that he simply can’t control everything.  If the program gets too bad of a reputation with the ad agencies, they simply won’t go to the company any more, and the obvious bite he wishes to take out of Google’s mobile advertising business will never materialize.  For once Apple is going to have to relinquish some control if they want something to succeed, and that may be the most painful thing ever for Steve Jobs to admit.

What say you?  Has Apple finally pushed its controlling ways one step too far?