Xbox LIVE Arcade games may soon see their achievement allotment move from 20 unlockables to 30, and their total Gamerscore bump from 200 points to 400. The rumor comes from an inside source that delivered information to

While this might not seem like a big deal to a lot of gamers, we know those that pride themselves on their Gamerscores and achievement hunting prowess will likely take the increase in points per game as great news. For the same price that they're paying for games released today, achievement chasers may soon be able to gain access to double the amount of points with each purchase.

I personally have several friends that fall into that category of gamer. I make fun of them at every turn, but I do recognize that they base a lot of their game purchases on achievements or trophies. They mean something to some folks, and Microsoft did well to introduce them to this generation with the Xbox 360.

This new rumor also strikes a chord with the sense of value in gaming. There are times when I've personally stuck with a particular game simply because of one or two interesting achievements that I've felt needed collecting. I'm not one that brandishes my Gamerscore constantly; but, if there's an achievement in a list that has me approach a game in a completely unique way, I almost always go for it.

If this rumor's legitimate and we could be looking at even more achievements for Xbox LIVE Arcade games, then that might make more room for more creative achievements from developers. If so, I'm in.

Once we hear word from Microsoft concerning either the confirmation or denial of this rumor, we'll make sure to update this story and let you know. For now, are achievement points and Gamerscore something you care about? Or are you entirely indifferent when it comes to quantifying your in-game success?