Divinity: Original Sin was one of the best rated PC RPGs of 2014. Gamers loved its throwback to more classic times, and critics applauded its mechanics and wealth of content. Put plainly, Larian Studios created a slam dunk of an Action RPG.

Now, the console gamers out there who own either an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 will have a crack at the tale. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Yes, PC friends, you’ll get all the updated content for free on PC if you already own Divinity: Original Sin.

Polygon has the news alongside some discussion from Larian Studios Founder and Creative Director Swen Vincke. He offered that splitscreen cooperative play is coming, as well as a new ending and voiced dialogue.

“It has a truckload of changes versus the original game…Literally thousands of little improvements here and there.”

As for a release date? Nothing yet. Focus Home Interactive, the publisher Larian picked up in order to bring Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition to consoles, wants to bring it out “very soon.”