Survival horror is a term used quite loosely these days. Long ago, players wanting survival horror were forced to make wise choices with healing items and ammunition, and reading as to whether combat was necessary or not. Now, Isaac Clark can go guns blazing through a hall of defiled beasts, and its still called "survival horror."

While Dead Space continues to determine if its survival horror or just an action game with scary monsters, a few smaller teams have stuck to the idea that combat is not always the best choice. A little gem of a teaser trailer for a game called Routine emerged from Gamescom this year, looking to act as the omega to Dead Space's alpha by actually convincing players that sometimes the best option is to just hide.

From the looks of things, a lone astronaut finds himself stuck on an abandoned moon base where security robots have gone haywire and killed just about everyone else. Much like Dead Space, no display or hub locks the player in total immersion in the world, only the poor soul doesn't have the aid of firearms or even health packs to heal his wounds, meaning death is death for good.

Instead, his lifeline to survival comes in the form of dated 80s technology as he scours the non-linear moonbase looking for answers and a way out.

Routine is a first person survival horror game that might nail the "survival" aspect of its genre. It's currently in development by Lunar Software for PCs and Macs with Dead Space's sound engineer Mick Gordon creating the atmospheric ambiance. Not much else is known yet, so there's more to come from this indie title.

[via Destructoid]