Now that Apple has revealed full details about its upcoming wearable, is the company planning to filter down its fashion-forward approach to other major products?

There’s no indication the iPhone maker has plans to do so, but with the Apple Watch’s arrival, one thing is clear: Apple isn’t shy about marketing its products as fashion accessories. That could just be a product of the Apple Watch’s purpose as a wearable, but it might also hint at things to come. Like an iPhone 6s in rose gold, perhaps?

Unlikely, but this week decided to see what the rose gold color would look like applied to the existing iPhone 6 design, and it’s not half-bad.

We never really expected Apple to introduce gold to its traditionally black and white handset lineup, so there’s really no reason why the company wouldn’t introduce a rose gold option as well. It would make for an even more diverse portfolio, and further cement the company as a fashion-conscious brand.

I’m still partial to space grey, but that’s just me. Would you be on board with a rose gold iPhone 6s?