In these days of instant online gratification and on-demand data, it can be off-putting to see an 404 error jump up and thwart you. But maybe we wouldn't mind the "page not found" message so much if it was always as clever and cool as this one.

Leave it to the Rolling Stones to take something so tiresome and annoying, and turn it into a vehicle of awesome. Okay, fine — they're not the only ones to get all creative with error pages, but instead of using it as an advertising opportunity, a nauseatingly cute "Oops" message or a lame joke, Sir Mick and the boys give us something infinitely cooler: a heaping helping of classic rock to break up our day.

If you attempt to navigate to a webpage that doesn't exist on (like this one), you get an error page that fittingly offers a video embed of the band's "You Can't Always Get What You Want" via concert footage from London's Twickenham Stadium, circa 2003.

Well, yes — if you're on that page, then you clearly didn't get what you want. But you know what? You probably did actually get what you need.

(via Geekosystem, Laughing Squid)