Tired of set top boxes cluttering up the area around your TV? Roku, Hisense and TCL have solutions for you.

Announced at CES this year, the Hisense and TCL Roku TV sets are finally ready to start rolling out to retailers across the U.S. Before you think that this is a TV with only Roku, it isn’t. You can still enjoy TV as you always have, Roku will simply be running the platform of the system and you’ll still be able to do things such as hook up your Blu-ray player, game console and cable box while also enjoying Roku’s thousands of channels.

The Roku TV sets will come in sizes ranging from 32 to 55-inches, and pricing will start as low as $229. Considering a Roku box or stick will cost you at least $50, that means you’re getting a heck of a deal on the two being combined.

The only thing that may be a bit intimidating, although Roku thinks you’ll love it, is that over half of the traditional buttons have been removed from the remote. While the company views this as streamlining the remote, we could also see how it could lead to some anxiety who are used to remotes being overly complicated. You can take a look at the remotes for both sets in the galleries below.

We’re looking forward to trying one of these out, and you can as well when they begin hitting stores and Amazon in the coming weeks.

Hisense Roku TV


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