Roku may soon have a response to the new Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. The company apparently recently posted a “4K showcase” teaser on its website, suggesting that there’s a new model coming with 4K video support. There are a couple of theories as to how this might play out, however.

UKRokuChannels, which first spotted the 4K Showcase teaser, found that the link was dead and has since been pulled. In other words, Roku had no real 4K content to show off just yet, but it may very soon if it plans to introduce a new product. UKRokuChannels suggests that the new model may be called the Roku 4, which would make sense given it will follow the Roku 3. However, the device also passed through the FCC this morning, but the approval photos show the Roku 3. You can see those photos in the gallery below.

That suggests, at least to Dave Zatz who keeps a close eye on the set-top box industry, that Roku might actually simply refresh the Roku 3 with new hardware that supports 4K video, instead of launching an actual “Roku 4.” Or, perhaps Roku just shoved the new hardware inside an old Roku 3 box to keep things confidential.

We’re not sure what’s going on just yet, but it seems very likely 4K content is coming from Roku soon — we’re just not sure how soon, or in what form.