Roku Streaming Stick

Tired of having more cables sticking out of your television? Want to clear the clutter from around the base of your TV set? Then the Roku Streaming Stick may be just what you've been looking for.

Roku has announced that it is aiming for a later half of 2012 release for a new device being called the Roku Streaming Stick. The new configuration of the device will contain the same basic software we have seen in their product line up until now, but the difference will be it plugs into an HDMI port – one that uses Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) – and that's it.  No cables are needed as it runs off of Wi-Fi, and you won't even need a separate remote as it can be controlled by your television's current one.

What's intriguing here is how Roku is trying to position the device in the marketplace.  While the current Roku boxes are definitely seen as add-ons, the company appears to be trying to make this into something that seems more like a part of the TV that you can update every so often when the hardware gets outdated.  As opposed to say Samsung selling you a Smart TV that it will eventually stop supporting, you could purchase a "dumb TV" that comes with the Roku Streaming Stick, and when the time came it was outdated, you simply replace the $50 to $100 dongle as opposed to the whole TV.

Currently Roku plans to sell both its current boxes and the Roku Streaming Stick on the market, but the company is exploring the possibilities of packing it with televisions.  Currently Best Buy is putting together a package that will see it included as a pack-in with some Insignia television sets.

It's certainly a novel approach to the Smart TV market, but if it takes off will remain to be seen.

Would you be interesting the Roku Streaming Stick?

[via Roku Blog]