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The folks over at Roku have passed a major milestone: 10 million units sold in the U.S.

Roku launched in 2008 as the first streaming device to support Netflix, and it now boasts a total of 1,800 channels of all shapes and sizes as one of the most popular streaming devices on the market. The 10 million units sold counts every model including the new Roku Streaming Stick released this year.

While its laudable to hit 10 million units sold, things may be slowing down slightly for the company. According to CNET, Roku has sold 2 million units in the first nine months of this year, but in the period between April 2013 and January 2014 the company had sold 3 million units. This could be attributed to either increased competition from the likes of Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV. And it may also have something to with the fact that while the Streaming Stick is a nice addition to the family of products, the top of the line Roku 3 hasn’t been refreshed beyond its software in 18 months, while the Roku 1, Roku 2 have been in the same situation for a year.

While Roku may be slowing in sales slightly, it sure isn’t slowing in use, however. According to a new report from NPD – commissioned by Roku – Roku users stream an average of 37 million hours of content a week compared to Apple TV owners at 15 million, Chromecast users at 12 million and Fire TV consumers at 6 million. The average user will also use their Roku for 48 hours a month and has a higher usage rate than owners of competing streaming devices.

With the recent launch of televisions with Roku technology baked directly into the interface, it sure looks as though the company has a bright, and very engaged, future ahead of it.

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