Roku may already be the best set-top box on the market, but a new update could help cement its status as the king of streaming media devices. The company is rolling out screen mirroring for Android and Windows, adding a feature that’s already available from Google Chromecast and Microsoft’s new Wireless Display Adapter.

For now there are a few limits on Roku screen mirroring, which the company says is still in beta mode. First, it only works with the Roku 3 and Streaming Stick, though it should be available for everyone within the next few weeks. It’s also limited to Android devices running KitKat 4.4.2 or higher, Windows 8 tablet and computers, and smartphones running Windows Phone 8 or up. There’s no word on when or if Roku will add iOS support.

Screen mirroring opens the door for lots of new ways to use your Roku, essentially turning your TV into a big screen for your smartphone or tablet to use. You can play mobile games on a huge display, pull up a quick video from YouTube or even use it to give a presentation at work. To get started just jump into your Roku’s setting menu and enable screen mirroring. Then do the same on your mobile device and you should be good to go.