[UPDATE: The sale has ended.]

Ever wondered what all the Roku fuss is about? There’s no better time to find out, Roku’s weekend holiday special — for 20% off a Roku 2 HD (regularly $59.99) — is presumably ending within mere hours. That amounts to $12 off, making the final cost (not including tax) $47.99. That’s even cheaper than the base model Roku LT ($49.99).

I’ll be honest — I’ve wanted the Roku 2 XS since it debuted earlier this year, but in light of this discount, I’d have to spend twice as much as for it than the HD version. While USB/Ethernet, gaming remote and 1080p support would be nice to have, I think I can make do without that for this crazy bargain basement price. Although I added an Instant Replay Remote, that’s only $1.99 (for a limited time). So all together, with free shipping for USPS/Ground and no tax where I live, this is an offer I can’t refuse.

Seriously, a critics’ choice for a media-streaming box from a recognized brand that’s selling for a sub-$50 price? I feel like I’m dreaming. So I pulled the trigger, and snagged this bargain. What about you? Are you grabbing this deal for yourself or as a gift? If so, be sure to get your order in quickly at the source link below!

[via Roku]