Roku fans are die-hard about their little boxes of IPTV joy, and now there are some new ones on the horizon. It seems a trio of Roku 2 boxes have just passed through the FCC. Dubbed with model numbers 3000X, 3050X, and 3100X, the numbers likely indicate HD, XD and XS versions of the box.

It has been nine months since the company last updated its product line, which is like forever in the tech world, so watchers might be looking for some major enhancements. Well, at least software-wise, there’s no info on what could be in store. As for hardware, there are plenty of changes — but these are more like refinements as opposed to major revisions.

The boxes seem to have shrunk a little, with a size just shy of an Apple TV. (Dimensions listed on the label are 44.65 mm squared, or roughly 1.7 inches.) They’re also a bit rounder now, and feature a new Broadcom 2835 SOC, 802.11n radio, MicroSD slot, and Bluetooth. The most exciting change for end users, however, might be that nifty new reset button. (Huzzah! No more unplugging to reboot!)

Now for some differences between the models: Only the XS (3100X) has an Ethernet port, and the HD (3000X) features dual-band Wi-Fi. The XD version (3050X) can put out 1080p video. The XS offers a USB port and a new RF remote. For more differences, hit up the chart below.

What about cost and release date? Not disclosed yet, but you’ll know as soon as we do.

Any Roku fans in the house looking forward to this Roku 2 line of boxes?

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