With expectations sky-high for Disney’s first Star Wars spinoff, executives within the company have apparently ordered reshoots to shift the film’s tone. How will that be achieved, exactly? Well, Disney’s first order of business has been to bring on Christopher McQuarrie.

Making Star Wars, which has been pretty accurate with previous Star Wars coverage, chimed in on Thursday to talk about the hoopla surrounding a reshoot report from earlier this week. According to the site, 40 percent of the film needs to be reshot, with plans to work six days a week for 8 weeks. As a result, 32 sets will need to be recreated for the reshoot.

McQuarrie, whose work includes Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation, has allegedly been brought on to work with director Gareth Edwards to make sure the two are “on the same page.” Earlier this year, a report claimed McQuarrie had been brought on to “save” the Rogue One script; McQuarrie previously helped rescue scripts for Edge of Tomorrow and World War Z.

McQuarrie’s treatment of Rogue One was reportedly so good that it wound up being far superior to much of the film that Edwards already filmed, which is why so much needs to be reshot.

“It was not Edwards’ fault as McQuarri’e draft wasn’t completed when much of the film was shot and revisions kept coming in that made the film feel uneven,” Making Star Wars said.

Despite the reshoots, Making Star Wars claims the vibe on set “doesn’t seem bad,” which hopefully means Edwards’ initial “war movie” vision isn’t being compromised. However, with all this talk about shifting the movie’s tone, who knows what the final product will wind up being.

You wouldn’t know Rogue One needed reshoots based on the first teaser, but perhaps that early footage was comprised of the 60 percent that isn’t being tweaked.

“I’m not that crazy about execs saying what works for films,” Making Star Wars said. “They tend to turn out the same crap over and over again. It doesn’t sound like the situation is exactly like that here.”

Let’s hope not. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on Dec. 16, 2016.