Two movies made their debut in Japanese theaters this past weekend. Both should be huge at the box office.

One is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, while the other is Yo-Kai Watch The Movie: The Great Adventure of the Flying Whale and the Double World.” That’s the third Yo-Kai movie, by the way.

Yo-Kai Watch wound up beating Rogue One at the box office last weekend. That’s pretty crazy. It gets even crazier when you learn that the Yo-Kai Watch flick before it beat The Force Awakens at the box office in Japan, too.

The word comes from Crunchyroll as they run down the top 10 flicks at the box office last weekend in Japan.

Yo-Kai Watch is bigger than Star Wars in Japan

In case you needed any further proof, Yo-Kai Watch is a huge deal in Japan. Crazy huge. Bigger than Star Wars huge.

Anecdotally, my five-year-old son is getting into Yo-Kai Watch on his own now. The series has aired on Disney and it’s slowly making its way to Netflix. He picked it out on his own one night, and he’s been downright addicted ever since. I’ll admit, the show’s pretty darn clever.