Ahead of the Star Wars Celebration in London this summer, Lucasfilm has officially added a new Stormtrooper and vehicle to canon. Turns out, that wasn’t an AT-AT storming the beaches in the Rogue One trailer—something we suspected when it hit earlier this year.

According to Starwars.com’s weekly Star Wars show, that AT-AT is actually an AT-ACT, otherwise known as “All-terrain Armored Cargo Transport.” While it looks pretty similar to the AT-ATs we saw on Hoth, they lack the chin guns, while the AT-ACT’s “face” is slightly different (it almost looks like it could be a Stormtrooper helmet).

Speaking of Stormtroopers, the art also gives us a solid look at the brand new Shoretrooper, which sounds like the most mellow of all Stormtroopers. Do you want to be a Stormtrooper, Death Trooper, or Shoretrooper? Shoretrooper it is… These guys are probably the ones who wear the yellow helmets, which we got a glimpse of a long time ago when actor Donnie Yen shared a picture from the set to his Instagram.

The revelations come on the heels of a recent leak suggesting Rogue One will introduce a lot of new characters and vehicles, including a new U-Wing ship used by the Rebels. Check out the art work above, which merges The Force Awakens with Rogue One, the latter of which comes out on Dec. 16, 2016.