Another day, another interesting indie PC game. This time around we have the launch trailer for the clearly inspired Rogue Legacy. Things look absolutely nuts, so settle in and enjoy.

In Rogue Legacy, when you're character dies, he's dead. You'll spawn again as another son in the same line. While you're stronger every time, your new character might have a genetic deficiency that alters gameplay. Colorblindness will turn the world black and white, dyslexia will make it nigh impossible to read text, gigantism will make you huge and dwarfism, well, you get the point.

The levels are procedurally generated, so no two runs will be the same. The difficulty looks insanely tough, in roguelike fashion, and what I've heard of the soundtrack has been great.

Thanks to Steam Greenlight, Rogue Legacy launched on Valve's platform this week. You can buy it there, on GOG, on Desura and even on Cellar Door Games' official site for the title. The game currently sells for $14.99.

While it currently only works on the PC platform, Cellar Door Games is working on Mac and Linux iterations as well.