Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is still one of my favorite indie games, although I sometimes debate if it holds the same genuine affection I have for Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy, or LA-MULANA, or if it just bordered on the fringes of crippling addiction when I played through it. Either way, I had a blast with my first time through it on PC, and I'd really like to give it a second go if I ever snag it for the PS Vita.

With PC gamers and PlayStation owners already able to enjoy this wonderful little game, Xbox owners are still left out in the dust a bit. Not to worry, because the game has been confirmed for an Xbox One release. When answering a fan's question on Twitter, developer Cellar Door Games dropped the news with two simple words:"it's coming."

Get ready to die a lot, Xbox One gamers. Rogue Legacy is similar in structure to Spelunky in that it is designed to kill you over and over, pushing you to your limits to not get throttled by its traps and monsters. I'd say it improves on the formula by granting players the ability to improve statistics with a surprisingly deep RPG system buried beneath its simple gameplay.

It is one of the few games I can remember that rewards players for dying because only through passing on to the next realm can you improve your character. Rogue Legacy is a master of making its players want "just one more time!" at diving into is randomly generated dungeons, and I would say the RPG system gives you more incentive to play again and again rather than just for self improvement.

Keep an eye out for Rogue Legacy in 2015 on the Xbox One. You won't be sorry once it finally lands.