If Shovel Knight was not enough fun for Xbox One owners, then rejoice, because another popular indie hit is making its way to the Microsoft ranks this month. Cellar Door Games' Rogue Legacy is set for release on May 27, and that is the day your new addiction in life will officially begin.

On the surface, Rogue Legacy superficially comes off as a typical "metroidvania" title, but the true joy of this game comes from repeated deaths. Yes, dying in the game rewards you with the ability to upgrade your character! Collect gold, gain levels, find treasures, unlock weapons, beat bosses, DIE, and then pass on everything to your offspring creating a flawless lineage of warriors.

This roguelike inspired mechanic makes Rogue Legacy one of the best and certainly most addictive indie games in recent memory. It doesn't have the same depth and genius level design as Shovel Knight, but its randomization will leave you coming back for more and more.

I prefer to play it on my PS Vita, but my initial run with it left me staring cold into my PC screen for hours on end. The Xbox One is a perfectly suitable platform to play it on, and I suggest you do so! Check it out on May 27.