The Lumia 900 is one fine piece of equipment, but nothing is without its flaws. A recent nagging data connectivity issue had been troubling Lumia 900 owners across the map. While Nokia released a software fix for AT&T users, other carriers have been treading water waiting for their turn. Rogers said Monday that it has started rolling out the fix.

If an update notification hasn’t hit your handset yet, you can manually apply the update via your PC by connecting to the Zune desktop app. Mac users can use Windows Phone 7 Connector. In a show of good form, Nokia will also offer Rogers customers a $100 credit on their bill if they purchased their Lumia 900 on or before April 21st. As with any software update, there’s always a chance of a hiccup or two, so please feel free to let us know how this new update is treating you and your new Windows Phone.

[via: WP Central]