The Dark Souls II PVP scene is an arena of death that is not to be taken lightly, but this video is about as giggle worthy as they come.

YouTube User Chainsaw Ape created his avatar to look like one Mr. Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone with his clearly defined chin and all. With the aid of some clever camera work and poses, he recreates famous fictional boxer Rocky Balboa's victorious sprint up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The laughs don't stop there. Using nothing but bare fists and boxer shorts, Chainsaw Ape takes the former heavyweight champ into battle against the fully equipped undead warriors of this horrible world. No armor, no protection, you would think that this PVP build would be mincemeat against the hardcore Dark Souls PVP crowd.

Well, Rocky doesn't disappoint in the least! He knocks out player after player after player using his simple build. Always one to survive the toughest fights, Rocky's heart and determination continue to shine in the face of even the worst demons. I just don't remember him going after those kidney punches so much.

There's even a special appearance by Apollo Creed in the closing fights as well, and he and Rocky share some bro moments with awkward arm jerking motions.